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1. How long does the process take?

The process always depends on the size of the home and the details insides, but typically a fully custom home takes between 8 months and 2 years from contract to completion. Also, if you are creating your own plan, typically there is 6-12 months of pre-construction planning before construction can begin.

2. What is the process like if I own my own lot?

TKG provides a custom home service where we will build a new home on your land. The customer can choose from our plans or bring a plan of their own. The land will be deeded over to TKG during the building process, and the home will be sold to the customer at completion.

3. Do I have to own a lot to get started?

You don’t! If you know the location you are looking for, our team can help you find a lot to purchase for your new home. Once the lot is purchased by the customer, the process would follow #2 above!

4. Will your team be building the home? 

We are a licensed General Contractor. All work is performed by our team of sub-contractors and managed by our construction manager or owner. Being the General Contractor gives us control over the design of the home as well as the quality.


5. Do you have designers on staff that can help us make decisions?

We work with a local design company, Claude & Coy Interiors, that specializes in new home selections! If you would prefer to have professional help with your selections, we would include design time from Claude & Coy Interiors into your proposal.


6. Can we make changes to our choices after the process begins?

Again, yes and no! We try to accommodate any changes that we can, but oftentimes, the products have already been ordered due to long lead times, alternate choices can delay the process while we wait for them to arrive and the most important factor, money! Any change to process after we begin will typically cost money. We will issue a change order with the request, the additional cost and possibly the delay it may cause.  We understand everyone changes their minds sometimes and can usually make it happen, but confirming selections before construction starts will prevent any delays or additional costs.

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