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Choosing the Right Whites

One of the most common questions we get is, “what paint colors should I choose for my home?”. This of course is a very personal decision when it comes to your home, but typically we always recommend going with very neutral palettes!

We like to tell our clients that working on your home is a marathon, not a sprint. A lot of people make quick decisions about paint color and end up regretting it or getting tired of it.

Whether you are moving into a home or building a new home, go with a soft white throughout the entire house and live in it first!

The next thing we usually hear after that recommendation is, “I really don’t want to just paint everything white, that is boring, isn’t it?

No! When people think of white, they think it will be stark or cold but warm whites can be inviting and cozy in a home. Even if you prefer cool tones, there are great shades of cooler whites that can be comforting. We also recommend painting your trim to match the wall color in a semi-gloss finish.

You also have to remember, you don’t need paint to help you add color to your home. Our go-to, especially in our own home, is to always go neutral with paint and add pops of color with art, accessories, and pillows!

Bright or dark paint colors can sometimes get in your own way if you have contrasting home accents.

Once you actually live with your furniture, colors, art, and other home decor with the neutral palette, then you can decide if you want to change the color. (We guarantee you will want to keep it!)

So, now you might be saying, okay I’m with you, but there are SO many whites to choose from!

We typically tend to lean towards warmer whites in general. Below we will share our current 4 favorite whites!

Happy painting!

#1 Simply White - Benjamin Moore

The perfect white with a touch of umber that allows it to remain warm without becoming cream or too yellow.

#2 White Dove - Benjamin Moore

Holds a touch a gray in the undertone that mutes the color nicely and maintains just enough warmth.

#3 Shoji White - Sherwin Williams

Shoji white is actually not a true white, it is between beige and gray.

#4 Alabaster - Sherwin Williams

Warm off-white color with a hint of yellow


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