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My Love Affair with Coffee Table Books

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today I wanted to share with you why I love coffee table books and also provide some tips on how to incorporate them in your room to room styling!

I will admit, I have had a love affair with coffee table books for a long time. There is a Vogue book in my house that I have probably had for at least 10 years!

But that is one of the best things about having great books, you will be able to utilize them for your lifetime if you take care of them.

I use coffee table books around my home for different reasons. I try to pick out books that spark creativity and can give me inspiration when I need it. Books that I actually want to flip through! For the most part though, I use them to style my home!

I truly believe that books become art for your rooms. They can add that awesome pop of color you need, or maybe help you stay in your current color scheme for the room.

The part about these books that I love the most is that the options are limitless! I am obsessed with switching all my books around and creating different combinations with them. Remember: it doesn’t need to just be a book on a table! I use my books as lamp bases, space fillers, a resting place for glasses or a decanter, and I even have a few sitting on a garden stool! Get creative with them :)

The coffee table is a great place to start though! There is nothing better than a simple stack of books with a fresh vase of flowers - or books stacked with family photos or maybe some classic games! (tic tac toe, dominoes, etc.) Or you can simply treat them as art if you’re looking down at your table. Create 3-4 beautiful stacks of books and cover the table!

In general, I tend to lean towards large oversized books for stacking because I feel like they make a statement! But my love for these books comes in all sizes! It is always good to have smaller books for layering on the larger books, or to fill smaller spaces.

So you might be wondering how I find good books. It is a great question! The answer is all over the place! While there are a few sites that catch my eye for periods of time, I end up finding them all over.

It probably started at Barnes and Noble. Every time I would be strolling around the store, I would always walk through the art or fashion book section. Anything that really caught my eye or looked interesting I would pick up.

A few other great places for books are Anthropologie, Amazon, and Antique Stores! Some of my favorite finds came from antique shops. You might be thinking, okay but you can’t really mix antique books with newer, bold books. Wrong! I am not afraid to mix and match old and new. I think it makes the area look more interesting.

I definitely grew my book collection slowly over the years. You want to make sure they are special to you and can be used for the long run!

Coffee table books can range in price from $20-$500. You might even be able to find some for a bargain at a thrift store or used book store!

So, next time you are out and a great book catches your eye, grab it!

You won’t regret it :)

Click here to see our top 10 favorite books!

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