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Inside Allen & James Interior Design

Nestled on Main street in High Point, NC stands the Sherrod House with it’s iconic green tiled roof that marks the home of Allen & James Interior Design. If we only had a Gin Rickey, we would be in heaven sitting on the extensive wrap around porch dreaming of nights we read about in The Great Gatsby. Stepping through the front door is an overwhelmingly spectacular experience of color, texture and style.

Our first meeting with Patti Allen and Stephanie James, cofounders of Allen & James Interior Design, was nothing short of awesome. With 50 years of combined experience, this powerhouse duo has set the bar for creative design.

So naturally, we wanted to chat about what inspires their vision and fuels their passion.


Who/what company/person was the most influential with the successful start up of your business?

Our biggest influences have been our many colleagues throughout the industry who have been great successes in design and in retail throughout the years. Their advice and support of our endeavor was crucial when we decided this was the route we wanted to take within our career!

What elements define your styles?

The collection of our work is a diary of our amazing decades-long journey of combining our passion for creating unique, interior/exterior spaces with clients’ desires for personal expression in their interior spaces. We specialize in residential, commercial, and showroom design and while catering to each avenue individually, our distinct style is weaved throughout each project. Our website showcases our portfolio, please check it out!

Where do you find your inspiration?

We find many of our inspirations throughout our travels both nationally and internationally, which have been collected through the years and incorporated into several of our projects. We love seeking out remote places to shop for our boutique so that we can bring the most unique product to High Point and to our customers.

Give us 3 words to describe your design style?

Sophisticated, Unique, Approachable

In your opinion, What’s trending right now in interior designs? What trends are you avoiding?

Intermixing different styles and materials is what our clients are asking for more and more. Using gold with silver, blending contemporary with traditional, and using bold patterns on wallpaper and upholstery. We are avoiding the typical “rustic farmhouse” style, per se, and should we come across a project that wishes for this style, we would definitely design for it while twisting it into our style of aesthetics.

What do you find most challenging about designing a house?

The most challenging aspect of designing a home is always the wait. You put so much work into the design and spend each day envisioning each space that the anticipation leading up to the end result is always the hardest!

Do you have any rules?

Be certain you are right, then move forward!

What makes Allen and James stand out among other designers?

The exceptional talent and professionalism of our wonderful team is definitely at the top of the list. Each designer on our team has a diverse range of experience and talent that brings so many different avenues to our clients and their projects.

To learn more about Allen & James Interior Design, please visit

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*Allen & James Interior Design is not affiliated with The Kamp Group, LLC. The Kamp Group is inspired by local businesses and conducts quarterly blog collaborations.

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