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Tips and Tricks to Kid-Friendly Decorating

Okay okay, we know this is hard and to think OMG, I cant even my put slippers on the right foot much less begin to think about my house being chic! We get it, we get it! 

While our houses might be cluttered with toys or walls colored in permanent marker, have no fear, you can still have cool digs. A lot of parents choose not to decorate or say they will wait until the kids grow up. We are here to tell you not to wait! There are tons of kid-friendly ways to make your home beautiful without the worry. 

Let’s start with furniture.

While that amazing ivory couch may not be the best option anymore, there are other ways to keep your furniture looking new and fresh ( well, maybe not smelling fresh but you catch the drift ) 

1. Go for colors and patterns.

Choosing a medium to darker colored couch will help hide those inevitable spills much better than a light-colored material. If patterns aren’t your thing, use patterned pillows or ottomans, these are the things that the kiddos throw around or lay on to watch TV.

2. Avoid couches with skirts

This is something a lot of people don’t think about, but couch skirts are a magnet for dirt, dust and stains. Can’t imagine what’s under our couch.. eek . Losing the skirt will give your couch a much cleaner look and make it easier to clean under it, if you dare. 

Check out Restoration Hardware for some "skirtless" sofa options.

3. Splurge for the washable cushion covers

Spill your mommy juice? Last nights dinner stuck to your dining chair cushions? Your worries can we wiped away! There are great brands out there that offer removable and washable cushion covers that you can throw right into the washing machine. Sunbrella has amazing fabrics that withstand  Hurricane ____(insert child(s) name here)________. There are also many budget friendly options from Pottery Barn and Ballard Design to name a few. Trust us, you will be glad you chose this fabric.

4. Choose furniture with character

When it comes to your kitchen table or other pieces of furniture throughout the house, try finding things that already have some natural character such as barn wood. The scrapes and dings from the kids won’t be as noticeable if the table has its own! Or find a table that can be lacquered and let the family pick the color. ( Check out Painted by Kayla Payne for ideas!)

Furniture Tip:

We all know that the living room furniture will at some point be used as trampolines, forts, and even weapons! It is important to choose durable well-made couches and chairs to withstand the beatings. No one wants to replace a sofa after only a few years! Look for performance or washable fabrics to make life a little easier to clean. We said a little....

The Power of Rugs

Wall to wall carpeting is probably not the best option anymore if you can avoid it. Tile, hardwood and laminate are much lower in maintenance and make it much easier to clean up. No matter what kind of flooring you have, a great way to add style and protection is with rugs!

Whether it is a large space or you are adding a pop with a unique area rug, always go with easy care rugs such as wool, woven vinyl or jute. These materials can be easily cleaned compared to others. If you like mixing things up, you can always choose inexpensive area rugs and simply replace them when needed! We recommend layering them :)

Stylish Storage and Seating

Do you have toys and games magically appear in bathrooms, couches, and drawers?

Well you are not alone! 

To reduce the mess, get some large baskets that accent your rooms or try some versatile furniture such as storage ottomans.  This will help the clean-up be a little quicker while adding some style to rooms!

A great kid-friendly seating option that will compliment your living room are floor pillows and Poufs!

(Crate and Barrel has some great Pouf options!)

Not only will they free up more seating space for adults, but they look amazing too!

Apply KISS method - Keep it Simple, Silly!

We are all guilty of walking out of HomeGoods with a handful of accessories we don’t really need. Then we wonder why we bought that black and silver elephant that doesn’t go with anything in your house. Hey, it happens!  

The key to maintaining a tasteful home with kids is to keep it simple. No one has time to clean around all those vases and trinkets! And before you know it, that elephant is now in pieces on the floor.

Get a few great statement pieces to bring your room together and call it a day! ( Target has some great framed canvas pieces that we love! ) 

The walls can be one big coloring book for some kids. This is why we recommend to splurge and go with the wipeable paint! (We love Behr Premium Plus Paint!)

The days of touch up paint to cover that ocean of scribble could be over! 

Another great options is to frame out a large wall with chalk paint and let them Van Gogh it all day!

Or better yet, buy different size canvas and have a rainy day art class at home!

Display their beautiful art as a gallery wall.

(Check out Joann's Art Canvas and kids paint sets from target )

Designated Spaces for Kids

The kids have their bedrooms to play in, but it is good to give them additional spaces around the house for activities.

If you have the space, make a fun play room apart from their bedroom and decorate it how they want so they WANT to be in there.

If your space is limited, add a reading nook or a craft table to an unused corner of the house.

Not only will the kids enjoy their own areas, but it also will help keep the toys, games and clothes from spreading around the house

As you can see, you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you have small children in the house. Just choose your furniture and accent pieces wisely and keep it simple! After following these steps, we hope you will be well on your way to having the home you have always desired.

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